Oh what to say about me . . . I’m not the ARTIST STATEMENT kinda guy.  I don’t think it’s my job to tell anyone what my work is about. . . honestly, I think the WORK does that better than I can.  So, here’re just a few tidbits you might find interesting. . .  and these tidbits will most likely change over time. . .

I’ve always been an artist . . . just the way I expressed myself has changed over the years. I thought I’d be a singer/songwriter/actor and gave all of those a shot. I’m still a singer/songwriter but after a debut solo record, I decided I didn’t want to truly pursue that anymore.

Gene-Manuel – Sophisticated Kink

Then, seemingly overnight, I started working with paper . . . and from the first drawing of a leaf, that looked like a five year-old had drawn it, back in 2008, I haven’t stopped working . . .

Caught Leaf – July 2008

Now, my work is in collections along with the works of Roy Lichtenstein and Yun Gee. . . I get to create Magicalized Portraits for amazing people and do something I truly love with all my other commissioned work and personal Whirling Art. . .  my work also does one very important thing . . . it keeps me sane and centered in a sometimes crazy world, that increasingly becomes more and more perplexing. . . It’s working that I find my way. . .


I love what I do. . . I love color, even though I’m sooooo color-blind it’s not even funny. . . my work is my life and I hope YOU enjoy it.

Gene-Manuel Whirling